Break Free From Food Jail

Discover the One Essential Key to Regain Control of Your Life, and Reclaim Your Capacity to Shine!

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 1 or 2 Day Eat Empowered ™ Intensive

This experiential day will get you dropped in, opened up and moving fast toward the peace and joy you crave around food and your body.

It’s you and me, together, for an entire day.

Before we start, we’ll have a call about a week before our designated date to map out our plan and determine which of these core areas needs attention:

Food Jail Freedom

If feeling like being in a “war with food and your body” is your primary concern, then we’ll hang out here for a while.  With therapeutic counseling, master coaching techniques and belief re-patterning exercises, we’ll blow through your blocks and stickiest struggles.  The day will flow with “aha” moments intertwined with resistance, release and readiness.  Calm the mental energy that is spent with what goes in your mouth every day.

Emotional eating, overeating, binge eating and food denial are all on the table for transformation.

Body Image to a “1O”

End the day with tools and a massive re-programming about your feelings toward your form.  You will learn how to step into your body instead of spending your precious energy obsessing about and being frustrated with it.

2 parts perception shift + 1 part acceptance.   Come away knowing that the power of embodiment far exceeds the energy of unworthiness.

Weight Loss + The “What Do I Eat” Part

Transform not just what you eat, but all aspects of how you eat, how you choose, how you talk to yourself and how you keep new patterns rockin’ your world.

If a diet overhaul is necessary, you’ll walk away with new meal repertoires for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  We may also decide to kick you off with a detox regimen.

Soul Purpose + Fulfillment

When so much of you is tied up in a battle with food, it is hard to live an empowered, energizing, satisfying and purposeful life.  Often, it is the blocks around fulfilling our mission, our purpose, that contribute to the eating behaviors we so desperately want to change.

So we’ll touch on your soul purpose, your secret dreams, and the big vision you have for your life. Then we’ll remove the blocks and fears that are keeping you from realizing your mission.

How It Works…



Your place or mine.  I can fly to your home and we operate from your living room and kitchen, or I invite you to spend some sunny days with me in beautiful Denver, CO.

After a lovely night’s rest in one of our downtown hotels or a Bed and Breakfast, we’ll spend a productive day in various locations indoors and outdoors.   If you are an active type, we’ll walk and talk on a hiking trail to harness all of nature’s power into your transformation.


One Day: $1195
Two Days: $2250
(fees do not include airfare or lodging)

The Eat Empowered™ Intensive is via application.  Let’s start!


My clients and  I  form a partnership and a bond that goes beyond this intensive.

I am committed to your success as if it were my own, and I will do everything I can to help you show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life so you can experience the transformation you know you deserve.

Given the level of time, energy and commitment I bring to each one of my clients, I want to make sure we’re a great fit for each other.  To ensure that you feel like this is the exact right next step in your journey, the Eat Empowered™ Intensive is via application only.

I am looking for people who are ready, motivated, open, pro-active and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make progress – while having a lot of laughs and fun in the process!

If I just described you and you’re ready to finally transform your negative relationship with food, eating, and your body into a joyful and peaceful one, then you can apply for the program by clicking the button below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

The Eat Empowered™ Intensive is via application.  Let’s start!

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