Break Free From Food Jail

Discover the One Essential Key to Regain Control of Your Life, and Reclaim Your Capacity to Shine!

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How I Broke Through From Being a Binge Eater, Overweight and Hormonally Imbalanced Mess and Chronic Sinus Infection Sufferer

  • I often get the question,

  • How exactly did you come to do what you are doing professionally today?

  • I answer by saying,

  • “My journey into this saved my life.”

I spent years agonizing over my weight and body image.
I could down a box of Entenmann’s donuts without blinking an eye and then went on to polish off a pack of cookies – all at midnight. There were days I would not get out of bed and could not see ever living peacefully in my body.

My PMS ruined me every month with emotional swings and physical symptoms. At least 4 times a year I would get a debilitating sinus infection that floored me for days, not to mention I always felt like I had a never-ending cold.

Chronic constipation went right along with this imbalanced package and kept me bloated, uncomfortable and embarrassed most of the time.

And I thought all of this was normal, how most women lived.

I saw many doctors and each one had a new drug to give me to clear up this or that, but of course it all came right back a few months later. I saw a few nutrition practitioners, but the healing stopped short after I left the office with some foreign meal plan that had no relevance to my tastes, needs or practical ability to follow the crazy thing.

So, thankfully I found a new approach, which did not wrap up in a nice neat package.

My healing came from the combination of several modalities:

  • I slowly and peacefully changed my diet with the help of a non-judgemental counselor.
  • I took Chinese herbs (and still do to this day), which did wonders for my sinuses.
  • I dove deeply into learning the principles of eating psychology to change my relationship with food, and change the negative thoughts in my head.
  • I chose to see my body as a goddess temple instead of my worst enemy.
  • I learned how to process emotions safely and effectively – through both traditional therapy and energy-healing techniques.
  • I continue to add healing elements to my diet, and let it change without expecting any one “plan” to be the perfect way to eat forever.
  • I was taught the power of grounded prayer and gratitude, daily.


I am now pain-free with clear sinuses, happy monthly periods and maintaining the weight I know my body wants to be. Quite frankly, I never thought I would say that.

Healing didn’t come from just a pill or band-aid approach.  And I believe it never will.

It requires active participation by the individual through one or more modalities. And who says you have to do it alone?  I would have never come through without the teachers, healers and counselors that helped me along my journey.

I still have several of them to this day!

I’d love to give back to you so much of what I’ve learned.


Breakthrough and Change Course Now.

Break Free From Food Jail

Discover the One Essential Key to Regain Control of Your Life, and Reclaim Your Capacity to Shine!

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Healing Practitioner + Speaker

How you “do” food is how you do life!

-Cynthia Stadd

Founder and CEE (Chief Empowered Eater) of Eat Empowered, LLC, Cynthia Stadd has guided the transformation of hundreds of clients by igniting permanent changes in their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.  A pioneering educator and professional in Eating Psychology and empowerment coaching, Cynthia helps her clients create happy minds and healthy bodies through her signature coaching process, the Eat Empowered L.I.F.E 4-Month Intensive.

Cynthia’s approach is grounded in personal experience (see her story above), developed in response to her own struggles with weight, compulsive eating and chronic health concerns.  With this and over 13 years of experience in transformational coaching and health/nutritional counseling, Cynthia’s “tenderness meets take-action-now” style fuels her private clients and speaking engagements.

After a career of dancing and singing her way to professional theatrical stages and cruise ships, Cynthia spent 5 years building a successful private practice in New York City, serving a wide variety of clients seeking nutritional counseling and reproductive support.

During that time she served for three years as the Director of Nutrition Services for a holistic center treating infertility and reproductive disorders.

More recently, she had the great pleasure of assisting world-renown author and teacher Marc David with the launch of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, CO.  She spent two years serving as Senior Educator, Enrollment Director and Business Coach for new practitioners.

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In addition to her private practice, Cynthia designs and leads workshops including, “How the Modern SuperWoman Transforms Her Relationship with Food (to fully step into her Power, Passions and Purpose),” and is an invited speaker at national conferences, women’s pow wow’s and media venues.   In addition to appearances in magazines and TV programs, Cynthia had her own nutrition and wellness column through

She is presently a featured health, beauty and sales presenter for the neutraceutical industry leader, Nutrilite, owned by Amway Global.

Cynthia graduated Magna cum laude with a B.S. from New York University, and has earned four certifications from healing and therapy-based Institutes across the country.


  • dancer Been a stage performer since age 7, kid actor, passionate dancer.  Performed in over 20 musicals, cruise ship extravaganzas and TV spots.  See me dancing my heart out in the original “Hairspray” movie – Ricki Lake version, NOT John Travolta.   I still dance….jazz, modern, tap, hints of hip hop and salsa…. but that high kick ain’t quite as high.
  • dogloverThis one’s mine, but I love ‘em all.  Her name is Omega.  Yes, named after a nutrient.  I think that proves I was clearly a nutrition nerd.
  • hiker I live in Colorado, so if I don’t spend lots of time outdoors I would be expelled from the state.  Luckily, being active outside feeds my soul.  Most weekends you will find me either hiking or skiing, depending on the season.  And thankfully Omega is one of those great off-leash dogs that doesn’t terrorize other dogs on the hiking trail!
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