Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E:
Eating Psychology and Holistic Nutrition Private Program

A 4-Month One-On-One Transformational Intensive to End Your War with Food & Eating, Permanently

How would your life change…
How would YOU change if you could TRANSFORM your relationship with food?

If you could stop obsessing about what you eat or don’t eat?
If you no longer labeled everything you put in your mouth as good or bad?
And if you no longer felt like your worth was tied to the number on the scale or how many calories you did or did not consume on any given day?

The L.I.F.E Food Psychology Program is designed to end these battles.

Imagine what would get to happen for you if instead every day was filled not only with food you love but also radical self-love for EVERYTHING you are.

When that happens, anything is possible. And I know that deep down you believe that too. It’s just that after trying every diet and every system being promoted as the next weight loss miracle, you’re worn out. love-self-31 You want something that works and then you want to get on with your life. But you also know that your success is about more than just losing some weight. There are emotions, self-talk habits and toxic cycles that have brought you to where you are today, and you want to break them for good. You want the war to be over. You want to wake up and go an entire day without your weight or worrisome health thoughts taking center stage. The problem is you just don’t know how to get there. Fortunately, I can help you. I’m a certified eating psychology practitioner, whole-foods nutrition coach & transformational healer for those who are at war with their bodies, both physically and spiritually. I can help you…

  • Rewrite old stories of doubt and disbelief (“I will never have the body I want.” “I will never be able to release the grip food and eating have on me.” “I can’t change.”)
  • Transform patterns that keep you from showing up as your best and most powerful self at work, in the community, and at home.
  • Lay down the sword called “food,” thereby freeing up massive amounts of personal energy and resources so you can focus on living your life, building your career, and making an impact.
  • Finally lose the weight that’s been dragging you down for too many years.
  • Find the healthy yet flexible diet that truly works for YOU, giving you a chance to let go of any outside rules and strict diets.

Does that sound delicious? And exciting? But maybe just too good to be true?

I know how you feel. I spent many years at war with food, my body and chronic, recurring health issues that were clearly diet related. I let my thoughts about how I looked dictate what I could and could not accomplish. It was utterly exhausting and I didn’t think I would ever be able to get out of it. But I did. I transformed my thoughts, my behaviors, and my language around food. I healed some deep-seated patterns that caused me a very painful emotional existence. I went from fearing, measuring, labeling and resisting food to loving it for the nourishment, joy and satisfaction it provides me. I went from hiding out to living my life out loud. I went from playing small to designing (and living!) a great big life, unafraid of not being enough and supremely confident in the woman I had become. And since then I have spent the past 13 years helping women just like you, who know for certain that ending their battle with food is now the only option.

It’s a physical and spiritual imperative.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Experience true and lasting weight loss (or weight stabilization).
  • Know that food no longer has control over you.
  • Trust your body is healthy instead of fearing that food will make you sick.
  • Know a systematic way for working with your negative thoughts and transform them, without always needing the help of a counselor.
  • Make a lasting shift away from binging, overeating or emotionally eating and into a new relationship with food that makes you smile.
  • Have the ability and confidence to choose meals, food shop, and prepare food in a relaxed way every single day.
  • Experience a feeling of “food freedom” that exists not only during mealtime, but that extends far and deep to allow energy to be put back into all of the creative forces that fuel your life.
  • Approach every meal with joy instead of anxiety and dread.

And most importantly…..

Have a much deeper connection with yourself and your purpose in life.

When you join the Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E Program, that’s exactly what your new normal will be.

See Who I Work With

Who I Work With

Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E

A 4-Month One-On-One Transformational Intensive Designed to Help You End Your War with Food & Eating FOREVER


Here is a sampling of clients I have worked over the past 13 years:

  • Women in the spotlight who must be seen for their work, passions and purpose in life, yet are waging internal wars with their bodies, and themselves, on a daily basis
  • Entrepreneurs who lead with their brand and must embrace and be comfortable leading and being out front day-after-day.
  • Actresses, models, dancers, stage and TV performers who both strive for excellence in their craft and simply must be seen, noticed and “picked” on a daily basis.
  • Professional speakers who live to be on stage teaching and influencing others
  • Lawyers, doctors, c-level executives and those aspiring to be c-level executives who must be actively seen as part of their work and are striving to reach the highest levels in their careers.
  • Stay-at-home moms who are leaders in their community.
  • Authors.

What I Believe About the Work I Do With My Clients:

  1. My clients who have the greatest success are those who commit to change over the long term.
    When you want to accomplish something as big as transforming a lifelong battle with food, eating and body image, it usually requires you to change longstanding and stubborn habits, patterns and ways of being. That’s not easy and it rarely happens overnight. But it WILL happen if you commit to the process. That’s why this program is 4 months long.
  2. Our relationship is everything.
    All of my training and work with my clients has taught me that the client-coach relationship is one of the most important contributors to success.

So, when you commit to the process, I commit to you.

That means when we work together, not only do you get the weekly calls and/or audios, but you have access to me when you need it. Whether you just need a quick answer to a question via email, you need a resource right away, or you need to get on the phone and work through an issue as soon as possible, I’ll be ready.

Desire to make a change is what gets us to dip our toe in. Urgency, however, is what drives the result.  Therefore, I know that one of the best ways I can serve you is to be just as urgent about the changes you want to make as you are.

I’ll be with you the whole way. You don’t have to do this alone. See How It Works

How It Works

Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E

A 4-Month One-On-One Transformational Intensive Designed to Help You End Your War with Food & Eating FOREVER

When you sign up for the Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E Program – you’re signing up to have me in your corner. I will do everything I can to help you along your journey of transformation – and I’ll make sure you have a lot of fun in the process, too! Okay, well it’s probably not going to be fun all the time, but we’ll certainly shake things up. You’ll discover quickly that uncovering what works specifically for you doesn’t have to be so serious. And when you’re able to finally surrender and let go of all of the years of pain and fear, joy and laughter will take their place. When you work with me you can expect a few signature dance moves (literally, if we are on Skype) like razor sharp clarity questions, deep and entertaining food stories, perfectly-timed movie quotes, random singing, and unwavering support.

When it’s all over, you WILL be crystal clear on what you need to do to make lasting changes and start loving who you are…ALL of you!

And even more importantly, you will finally, and fully, connect into your power, presence and sense of being perfectly good enough to live whatever dream you have for yourself. (Isn’t that what this is all about?) In return, you’ll commit to doing the work, even when it gets hard. You didn’t get here in a day so it’s going to take us some time to unravel the threads that have been tangling you up for so long. Be we’ve got this. I promise.

The Structure

Each week of our four months you and I will connect either via a one-on-one session or through a self-directed audio, PDF or video I will send you. The program will be highly customized based on what’s most urgent and important for you. Having said that, if you want a personal one-on-one phone session every week, you will have one. If you prefer to “work on things” on your own for a bit, we’ll come back together when you’re ready. This is YOUR program and the flow of our contact is up to you, but we WILL have contact every week either via a personal session or a home-study module. In addition, you’ll have access to me via email or quick phone chats so you stay on track and keep moving toward your goals.

Here’s a general outline of the process we’ll go through to get you where you want to be:

Please know that this program is very fluid and flexible and we’ll work with what shows up. For example, we may be in the middle of working through a recent overeating episode, but you just had a fight with your husband the night before and working through that feels more important. The reality is that tackling lifelong issues with food, eating and body image requires a clear head and we need to create the space for you to be compassionate and open with yourself before those lasting transformations can happen.

L – Love Self

This will be the foundation of our work together because if you have a troubled relationship with food, you’re constantly battling food demons and you feel like you’re at war with your body, then you’re not happy with yourself. The truth is, how you do food is how you do life. So, if you engage in negative self-talk, beat yourself up about your choices on a day-to-day or even minute-by-minute basis, and you don’t believe you have the strength to solve this battle yourself, then chances are all of those emotions are extending into other areas of your life as well such as your relationships, your sense of worth and success, your finances, and your ability to be creative. So, during this phase we’ll identify what “success” looks like to you and then we’ll create a plan to get it.


I – Image of Body

We all have one. Unfortunately, the one you have right now is probably a negative one. Your body image goes beyond just how you think about yourself or how you feel when you look in the mirror. The way you think about your body is reflected in how you present yourself, how you carry yourself, and how you interact with others. So it follows that when you have a positive body image and you feel good in your own skin, others will perceive you in a completely different way. That’s why during this stage we’ll work to get you to the place where you are proud of what you look like and you appreciate your body for everything it can do.

F – Fulfillment

War is negative. It’s disempowering and toxic and it’s a drain on resources. So, how can you expect to live an empowered, energizing, satisfying and purposeful life when so much of who you are is tied up fighting this internal war? You can’t. So, during this stage of the program, we’ll touch on your soul purpose, your secret dreams, and the big vision you have for your life. Then bit-by-bit we’ll remove the blocks and fears that are keeping you from realizing your mission. Finally, we’ll put a plan in place to help you stay in that clear and fulfilled place once the food issues are gone.


E – Eat!

But what will I eat? Don’t worry, by the time our 4 months are up you’ll have a wealth of information on the types of whole-foods and delicious meals that will serve you best! As a trained nutrition coach, I’ll help you find food and meal repertoires that work for YOU – your body, taste buds, digestion, overall health, social life, and more. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to finding a plan that works. And I don’t subscribe to any type of dogmatic diet that I’ll try to hold you to, either. The goal of this part of the program is to find a plan that will serve YOUR health, weight goals, and very importantly, your taste buds! Additionally, this is not just going to be about me telling you what to eat. My goal is to instill in you a deep sense of HOW to choose the right foods for you so you can repeat, mix it up, change with the seasons and alter when necessary in a way that is completely peaceful, easy and actually joyful.

Read Some Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E

A 4-Month One-On-One Transformational Intensive Designed to Help You End Your War with Food & Eating FOREVER

“Cynthia gave me a step-by-step process on how to walk through fear, to see what is truth for me, and then give myself permission to just be me.”

“I owe Cynthia so much gratitude! She helped me realize that I cannot stay in that “middle place” and that I need to expect more for myself and for my life. It started with food, but wow, this is about so much more. The initial work she had me do (and I continue to do) of talking to fear, separating self from it, and looking at it for what it was, has helped me with every aspect of my life. Cynthia gave me a step-by-step process on how to walk through fear, to see what is truth for me, and then give myself permission to just be me. That process has been a gift that now plays a role in how I do all of my life. It’s a beautiful thing. This program is everything she says it is!” — Ashly Torian, Health Coach, Speaker, Author | Texas

“I left each session feeling empowered with my new insight and possibilities of how to meet my challenges”

Whether you are aware of the forces contributing to your weight or unhappiness, or aware of your “stuff” but still a slave to compulsive eating and destructive thoughts, Cynthia is the perfect counselor to take you to the next level of alive and joyful living. She always meets me where I am, and gives practical gentle steps that help me embrace new patterns and release old ones. In the past, counselors with less PERSONAL experience (she has been there!), or professional experience with PRACTICAL solutions, have suggested behavioral changes that were too rigid, or didn’t resonate with my personality, creating a backlash of rebellion. With Cynthia, I left each session feeling empowered with my new insight and possibilities of how to meet my challenges… and the usual backlash didn’t come. I think less about eating, have less rigidity around “good and bad” food and trust in my ability to maintain my healthy weight with a much more friendly, intuitive based approach. After 4 months, I had had an entire arsenal of tools to choose from. I felt confident that I had taken a huge step toward self acceptance and felt empowered by my capacity for change. Working with Cynthia has given me so much confidence in my ability to maintain this new relationship with myself that I finally threw out BOXES of FAT clothes I have been saving for years. I now know I will never go back. Cynthia freely admits that this is hard work. But we both agree that it is SOOOOO much better than living in the “house of lies”, which is the foundation of yoyo dieting. — Madelyn Clair, Marketing Specialist | Boulder

“I’m finally feeling free again!”

“I thought it was hopeless. I thought I’d never be free of the struggle with food I’d had since middle school. I was frustrated, in pain, and felt so much shame about my body and my inability to control my own health. By the time I found Cynthia I was lower that I had ever been. I lost whatever faith I had in myself and I knew if I didn’t do something big, I’d live with this struggle forever. Within 2 weeks of working with Cynthia I experienced breakthroughs I had never thought possible. I can honestly say that I’m no longer a slave to overeating. She helped me understand that it wasn’t about “discipline”, she helped my identify the non-food issues that were affecting how I felt about food and my body, and she supported me in examining myself and my life in a whole new way. Part counselor, part life coach and part loving friend, Cynthia is the kind of cheerleader everyone needs in their corner. And one of the things that inspired me most is the fact that she lived through what I’ve experienced and came out on the other side. If you have a similar story, join this program. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make.” – Brenda Wansi, Dentist North Carolina

“Cynthia brings her life experience to our sessions, and “get’s it!”

“One of the best parts of working with Cynthia is that she brings her life experience to our sessions. She “gets it” and echos back to me with perspective. I feel safe, heard, and appreciated. It was also really affirming to be around her – here’s a person that is a professional and a human being having gone through many of the same eating and body struggles and she does a beautiful job at displaying both. I liked “homework” on our calls because it’s easy to have powerful conversation and fall back into autopilot. That kept me on track. She is incredibly clear when she speaks and I never felt lost during conversation. Cynthia helped me form a skill that I will use throughout my life – the ability to step into a responsible role of navigating a difficult conversation. I have been reminded o “see” where the other person is and whether or not it appears they have the adequate tools to have conversation at a certain level. I think you are amazing, Cynthia. Thank you!” – Laura Burkett, Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach, Michigan

“Now, after working with Cynthia, I am a happy and grateful person, my marriage is more loving and respectful than it’s ever been, and I’m losing weight.”

When I first found Cynthia I described myself as marginally miserable, in a marriage heading for divorce, and repulsed with my weight. I had tried every diet I came across, but none had worked. I felt like I knew what to do (eat less and exercise more) but for some reason I was unable to do it. For the first time in a long time I wasn’t desperate to lose weight, I just wanted to do it the right way and wanted to WANT to do what I needed to do. My initial consultation with Cynthia left me feeling hopeful for the first time in longer than I could remember. My weight gain wasn’t about my lack of willpower and depriving myself of food and spending hours in the gym every day wasn’t the solution. Being a busy mother of young children, speaking with Cynthia over the phone was ideal. It would have been much more difficult for me to find an hour plus commuting time to see anyone face to face. It was even interesting to see where in my house I went for our phone sessions. It was a place where I was able to quickly and easily relax, but prior to working with Cynthia, I rarely spent any time there. And now, after working with Cynthia, I am a happy and grateful person, my marriage is more loving and respectful than it’s ever been, and I’m losing weight. When I look back I see that for a long time I was stuck living in my head, listening to negative thought after negative thought. Now I’m living my life, I’m present for the good and the bad and all the in between. I’m so grateful for Cynthia, I had no idea there could be this much joy in my life.” – Pam Loughran

“Cynthia’s greatest gift to me was customized care”

“From our very first conversation, it was clear that Cynthia was going to give me more than nutritional advice in response to my concerns about my weight and pain. She spent a considerable amount of time helping me to understand the deeper emotions I was grappling with. We talked about past relationships, confidence, passion, and everything that made up the unconscious foundation of my physical health. Cynthia gave me several ideas to work with my eating habits and emotional concerns. As part of my work with Cynthia, my body healed so that within 6-8 months the chronic pain had dissolved as I brought more awareness to my eating habits. Even more, my well-being improved, I gained clarity about my personal goals and relationship needs, I gained confidence, and I regained focus. I had no idea that I would get so much out of our sessions. Cynthia’s greatest gift to me was customized care; she worked with my concerns and offered me positive advice and support, I knew that she was in my corner, that she was rooting for the best outcome, and that she was open to my own ideas about my healing and changes.” – Tola Ozim

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Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E

A 4-Month One-On-One Transformational Intensive Designed to Help You End Your War with Food & Eating FOREVER


My clients and I form a partnership and a bond that goes beyond our weekly calls.

I am committed to your success as if it were my own. I will do everything I can to help you identify the habits and patterns that are keeping you from showing up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life so you can experience the transformation you know you deserve – just as long as you meet me halfway. Given the level of time, energy and commitment I bring to each one of my clients, I want to make sure we’re a great fit for each other, and to ensure you feel like this is the exact right next step in your journey. For this reason, the Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E Program is via application only.

I’m looking for people who are ready, motivated, open, pro-active and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make progress – while having a lot of laughs and fun in the process!

If I just described you and you’re ready to finally transform your negative relationship with food, eating, and your body into a joyful and peaceful one, then you can apply for the program by filling out the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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