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The “Food Cop” Enforces the Diet Law! Category: Nutrition + Food Category: Relationship With Food
Date: December 14th, 2017

Last week I had the privilege of speaking in Texas at a conference geared to serve professionals in the event planning industry.

I decided to have a little fun with the audience by acting out a character who has airtime in the brain and belly of every eater I know – the “Food Cop.”

Check out what a bully she is by watching the short clip …

She’s very critical, this Food Cop.

And she has A LOT of eating rules that must constantly be enforced.

Just about everyone who eats in this modern world embraces a version of this strict, unforgiving diet enforcer. When the personality has “air time” in a person’s eating life, she dictates exactly what’s good and bad to eat, and what’s acceptable or deserves punishment if not executed according to the pre-decided food law.

In theory, having an inner Food Cop can be highly beneficial, providing an element of structure and order, as any police officer so necessarily provides. I mean hey, we have to have some kind of criteria from which we determine what we ideally want to put in our mouths, and what we’re trying to eat less of or avoid altogether.

But when it comes to our own inner police enforcing any kind of pre-determined diet or eating law, there is a very important question you have to stop and ask yourself:

“Are her [the Food Cop’s] rules helping or hurting my “bottom line” (my waistline, body size, general health, energy, etc) with what she’s trying to enforce?”

Meaning, are the food rules that she’s vehemently enforcing actually working to help you get what you truly want with your body size, health, energy and how self-conscious or confident you feel?

Is the pursuit of trying to strictly follow the rules truly serving you??

It’s one thing to have rules. Great. It’s another to take a step back and analyze if both your pursuit of following those rules, and the rules themselves, are actually WORKING.

Not sure about that one?
Perhaps a strong chat between us (with or without your inner Food Cop!) is in order.

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