End Your War with Food Faster and Easier with One-to-One Coaching.

Cut through problematic issues with food, weight, body image and diet-related physical health concerns when my eyes and ears are intently on YOU.

Together, you’ll blow through your blocks and stickiest struggles by transforming not just what you eat, but all aspects of how you eat, how you choose, how you talk to yourself and how you keep new patterns rockin’ your world.

Let’s find the diet that truly works for you.
Then we’ll blast through underlying belief systems keeping you stuck.
And I’ll teach you how to have emotions flow through you – instead of feeling like they take over.


  • How much easier life will be when you’re not constantly asking yourself, “What do I Eat?” – hoping that the right answer will give you the results you want with your weight and health.
  • How much more pleasurable mealtimes will be when you feel great about how you are eating and taking care of yourself.
  • The tremendous personal power you can step into once you have peace in areas concerning body image, stress, and confidence.

No matter how bright you are,  how old you are,  or how many nutritional books you have read,  we all have blind spots when it comes to our own eating and health.

Working together, we’ll cut very quickly through those blind spots and get you moving through your obstacles, fast.

I’ve had your issues myself.  I’ve helped hundreds of women and men transform their diets, bodies and sense of purpose.

I’d love to work with you now.

Eat Empowered ™ L.I.F.E
Private Coaching Program

A 4-month one-to-one program, conducted via phone or Skype.

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1 or 2 Day Intensive

You and me in person for an entire day(s)

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“Take Back My Power”

Handle your most pressing concern, now.

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