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Discover the One Essential Key to Regain Control of Your Life, and Reclaim Your Capacity to Shine!

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2 – Hour “ Take Back My Power ” Private Weight Loss Session

Break your patterns.   Change course.   Breakthrough.

You must eat to survive.   To nourish your soul.
To bring life to the ONE BODY you were given so that you can do the BIG work you were meant to do.

You do NOT have to be at war with food, to have eating stress, or weight shame, or to feel powerless when it comes to negative food behaviors and thought patterns.

You also don’t have to wait any longer for things to change.  For your life to change Private Weight Loss.

There are those who believe that to re-program how you think about food, your body, and yourself,  you must slave for years over the process.  I believe it takes work, but I also believe radical transformation can happen quickly.  Instantaneous actually.

All you need is a little bit of fire, a whole lot of want…
and some get-me-through-the-sticky-and-sucky-part tools so that you can stay on a course that honors your best and most magnificent self.

The Take Back My Power Session is a 2-hour private 1:1 intensive
designed to help you rewrite old stories of doubt and disbelief.

 (“I will never have the body I want.  I will never be able to release the grip food and eating have on me.  I can’t change.”)

Let’s transform these old stories into ones that serve you.

It will get you started to transform patterns that keep you from showing up as your best and most powerful self.

It can serve as a major kickstart to your weight loss goals.

And most importantly, it will give you the tools to lay down the sword called “food,” thereby freeing up massive amounts of personal energy and resources so you can focus on living your life, building your career, and making an impact.

Who Is This For?

This 2-hour session is ideal for you if you …


  • Know that overeating or binge eating is the primary reason you can’t seem to permanently lose weight
  • Label yourself as an “emotional eater,” but have no idea what to do about it
  • Feel overwhelmed around what to do now, and first, to change your body
  • Tell yourself you’re out of control with food but can’t seem to create a normal that works
  • Know that your incessant thoughts and worries about food and your body are getting in the way of your work and your ability to claim your spot as a teacher, thought leader or  change agent for your clients
  • Are painfully aware of the negative talk you tell yourself, but can’t seem to stop
  • Want to write a new story about food and your body – one that brings you life instead of taking life away
  • Are simply exhausted from managing this problem day in and day out and are ready to leave it behind

What  Will  It  Be  Like  to  Work  with  Me?

Now when I ask myself “What am I hungry for?” I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything!

“After our session I got inspired to change my diet, a more vegan way of eating, and I haven’t felt like I’m missing out on anything. Now, when I ask myself “what am I hungry for?” I open a fridge full of good options and I have a hard time deciding because everything I’ve learned to eat is delicious!

One of the most interesting, life changing, things you opened my eyes to was about my body’s need for less protein than what “they” say. What freedom! I’m LOVING how I feel. I’ve discovered new foods I really love, cleared out my fridge from processed junk and as you advised, I make a batch of brown rice or quinoa in my rice cooker to start the week and it’s easy to access when I want something quick. I even replaced my coffee machine with a rice cooker. This is a way of life now.

I am forever grateful to you for the time we spent together and the wisdom you shared. Because I was open to it and you taught me so much and in such an impactful way, I really believe that my health is forever on a better path. I feel more energy. I feel stronger. I’m thinking more clearly. I’ll reach out soon to learn more, but I didn’t want another minute to go by without telling you what a profound impact you’ve made on my life!”

Merit Gest, Professional Speaker

Meeting with Cynthia was a powerful moment for me.

“ I’m a knowledgeable person who does my research, studies nutrition and provides my kids with good, healthy foods.  However, I haven’t been taking care of myself and have been beating myself up for my diet with a bad cycle.

Cynthia’s informed and gentle, yet assertive, approach gave me some tangible tools and ideas to implement into my very busy lifestyle.  I value the session we had and anticipate that I’ll need another ‘Cynthia dosage’ as I continue my journey.

It was exactly what I needed to help me reset.”

Fiona Gill

Your Take Back My Power Session Includes:

  • img1An honest Tea-Time Questionnaire.
    Goodness will happen here when you start putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and start answering the questions. I will then spend time before our session reviewing your answers and together we’ll set an intention for our time together.
  • img2A 2-hour phone or Skype meeting.
    Details will be sent upon payment.
  • img3An Mp3 or Video recording of the call.
    Sent to you via a download link.
  • img4Email support in the 2 weeks following.
    You’ll need a bit of support to handle integration and follow-up questions, and to provide accountability to help you get cookin’ in implementing the action steps you are guided toward from the session.


Booking Your Session:

  1. Click here to register
    The 2-hour Take Back My Power Session is $325
  2. Once your payment is complete, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your appointment, the Honest Tea-Time questionnaire, and my Skype ID. (Please be sure to submit the answers to the questions at least 48 hours before our call so I have time to review them.)
  3. We’ll get your appointment time secured and email a bit to get to know each other. The sooner I get your answers to those questions, the better!

Remember …

You’ll get an Mp3 download so that you can re-listen whenever you need a boost and to get yourself back on track.

And finally, you’ll start moving forward feeling lighter in body, mind, and spirit so that you can go do your work and live the life your heart and soul want to live.

Breakthrough and Change Course Now.


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