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How The Modern SuperWoman Transforms Her Relationship with Food:
To Fully Step Into Her Power, Purpose and Passion ©

(Designed for women, but can be easily adapted for mixed audiences. Keynote or Breakout / Workshop. Highly interactive and humorous. 45-120 minutes)

Is your relationship with food like a good fairy or a bad witch?
Do you know if your food “rules” are working, helping or hurting?
When it comes to your weight, health or body image, do you think you know what to do, but just find you can’t do it?

This powerful session is designed to help you bust through the blocks, myths and toxic beliefs that are truly holding you back from getting what you want most: A weight that feels happy for both your health and self-image, and a clear, balanced mind so you can focus on what you do in the world, instead of on your food. Collectively, we have a wealth of nutrition information, yet very little wisdom around what TRULY keeps us from our body and health goals.

The Un-Stress Management:   How to Masterfully Deal With Yourself

(Mixed audiences. Keynote or Breakout / Workshop. Highly interactive.  45-60 minutes)

Many of us have the knowledge to “manage” our stress, eat well, and do the things that keep us healthy and balanced, yet we don’t follow through on a day-to-day basis.

Why?  Because the collective perception of stress – what it is and how to manage it – is not working.  It’s time to debunk and demystify what we think stress actually is, and transform where it slows you down as an efficient leader, coach and entrepreneur.

Get ready to:

  • Learn the powerful difference between “managing” stress and dissolving stress
  • Finally break the most destructive habits toward your health and body
  • Live peacefully in your mind for greater efficiency and performance in your work!

Participants will walk away with quick and powerful tools, and have a few laughs in the process!

End Overeating Forever:
Which of the Four Overeater Types are You? ©

(Breakout or Workshop. 45 minutes – 1.5 hours. Excellent for mixed audiences.)

Do you…
…feel ready to GIVE UP ever feeling fit and fabulous because you just can’t control your eating?
…believe if only you had more willpower it would all be different?

Overeating is a little monster that keeps growing and gaining power until one day it declares victory over our weight and digestive health.

If you feel this out-of-control behavior is the “thing” keeping you from feeling confident, sexy, happy and hot, come learn the truth about what overeating really is, and what you can do about it today!

After attending this session you will:

  • Know which type of overeater you are and what to do about it
  • Learn how to work with each one (and they are very different) to lovingly kiss your overeating good-bye
  • Get why WILLPOWER is a myth and how to replace that excuse with tools that actually work
  • Gain practical tools to stop overeating in any situation

Get Out of Food Jail:
Unburden Yourself From the Weight of It All ©

(Keynote or Breakout / Workshop. Highly interactive, impactful and cutting-edge. 45-120 minutes)

You know you are in “Food Jail” when……

  • You obsess about every bite of food, measuring it against how much bigger you thigh may get after you eat the bite
  • You spend more time planning your meals than kissing your loved one
  • You are the lady at the store staring at each food label for at least 10 minutes
  • Your measure of “healthy food” revolves around fat calories and carb counts
  • You feel overwhelmed, trapped and out of control because of food

It’s time to break out of jail! It can happen…. And Cynthia will entertainingly show you how to shake off the chains and come out smiling. Learning how to lose weight is the primary focus, but from an entirely different perspective than just following a diet.

The Wheel of Crutches:
What’s Jacking Yourself From Being as Healthy, Happy and Hot As You Want to Be ©

(Breakout or Workshop. Ideally minimum 1.5 hours, Max 3 hours. High energy, extremely interactive and impactful. Excellent for mixed audiences.)

Although what we eat (the actual food we put in our mouths) is a very important piece of the pie to having these three health essentials, it may not be the tastiest piece. Many of us have the knowledge and skills to eat well, and yet we continue unhealthy patterns that keep certain spokes of our wheel of life out of balance. Perhaps you know the person who eats a perfect organic diet, but complains non-stop about her aches, pains, relationships or stress?

So let’s play the Wheel of Crutches to find out:

  • What is your BFC – big fat crutch? Overeating, shopping, drinking….?
  • Were you are stuck, and how to escape your “rock and hard place”
  • What are your most hindering and destructive beliefs toward your health and body
  • Are you a victim to diet mentality and fad diets?
  • What you are telling yourself, about yourself, that is truly jacking your wheel of happiness

You will walk away learning how to nourish yourself with “primary food” as much as “secondary food”, and how to masterfully identify and transform your crutches, now.

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